We can never exhaust the words that run dangerously through our veins.

We Speak. We Write. We Confess. We are Women

I Drew The Moon Of My Dreams


I waited for it to appear in eclipses.
Put an onion on my heart and call it a meal,
or howl until it gets us anywhere less blue.
I’ve been having a horrible time closing
my eyes and finding the day older
and birds fluttering into open windows,
making themselves a part of the decor.



I’m 25 years old. One milestone from 30. The concept of starting a life with a man looks, at times, to be lightyears from where I’m standing. The creating of one? A life? A new one? Even further. The idea of bearing children is cause for an amazing anxiety. The body of a woman becomes a living…


I never needed saving,

Until I met you.
Loving you
Made me feel like I have just fell in a
Black hole.
Somewhere dark and unknown
With a whole bunch of other lost souls.
Did you put them here?
The funny thing is, I saw the old me
Here …… Again.
Yet this time around I managed to tie a rope around me for safety.
So now I’m……

To be continued on coming soon Writings Of A No One  by M.E.P.
on whoismep.com

Via Maria Eujenya Perez



We lock lips,

Before we lock eyes

Due to increased passion amongst our bodies when we see eachother,

We kiss for an amount of time
I’m unaware of.

I consume his energy through his quicken pulse,

Sending electric waves down my spine.

I feel his lips
His tongue against mine
His hands against my face

We havent even made love yet.

We’ve been to busy with the love holding us together.

Being this close simply isnt enough, yet its fulfilling and its just about right.

Our meetings are private, yet wholesome

It belongs to only us

It belongs to the incredible feeling between

Un amor hecho entre los dos

This hotel room holds the truth,

It holds our most hushed secrets.

I enter and pull my dress over my head.

I stand motionless and watch as you pull the white t shirt over your head.

Your pants come off,

And we lock eyes.

Euphoria dance in our pupils.

This is it.

Tossing me your t shirt in which I find comfort in and slip under the covers awaiting you.

You lie next to me,

And we admire ourselves with our eyes closed.

Breathing in eachothers scent.

We are here,
This is us.

This is real.

I let you caress my face.

I caress your leg.

Still in the moment of passion that hasnt left us,

And still

We havent made love yet.

Though havent we ?

In the midst of our union,

Isnt it already love created ?

We drift off in a soundless sleep.

Here we feel free,

Here is where time stops.

For only us.

For our union to commence.

-Via Maria Burgos


You Are My Energy.

In you there is a light.
You are your very own sun. 
Your temperament fluctuating your glow.
You can burn so bright as to be seen as a sparkle in the night skies of a billion billion billion and more planets.
You can be a soft glow, soothing those who gravitate to you and connect with them in balance.
But here are times when your light will shine so low
And you will compress your whole self into a single point of sadness. 
Followed by a single point of relief,
As you explode back out into this vast ocean of space
And free yourself from time.
Though you may feel scattered, 
Fear not for you are one of a whole of one
And all the molecules that make up yourselves 
Will find their ways back to themselves 
And the voice of the universe will say,

"Let there be

And you will shine again brighter than ever.

With your birth there is life.
With your death there is life.
There is nothing about you that is not perfect and beautiful.
As perfect as the chaos unfolding from the scattering of innumerable atoms,
So many they form a wave of color,
Not just of light but of all the lights
These beautiful unseen colors
That wash through the Universe.
You are everywhere around me
Swirling and playful and comforting.

To some you are a star,
But to me you are the Sun
Because without you I could not die
For I would never have been born.
You give me your light
And ask absolutely nothing in return
Except to smile when I turn to face you.
-Via Isaac Brune
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I open you up
with a soul so pure
soul so sure
I read your pages
that write themselves
about our sexual encounters
so enticing;sending chills up my back bone … but for you they’d never count.

Funny you become the gentleman who kisses my hand before he breaks my fingers .. kind of heart break that has left me on my knees screaming broken hallelujahs. GOD! I disguised these feelings because I knew I couldn’t never touch you .. mentally at least
      I’m sorry.

I finish my coffee and I think of you
I have to close you out
you got it, you won

-Via Ashley Lynn




I like a lot of things.
I like a lot of different music.
I like the way people’s eyes light up when they are truly excited about something.
I like seeing someone’s passion.
I like being inspired.
I like literature and words.
I like the human body.
I like culture and learning how certain…

(automatism #1)


You are the facelift of a thousand horseplays,
the lip wax of the hollow-eyed facing a ritual
of dirt before they sing the alma matter to the blistery
crowd from the sharp side of the moonlight. Croon
the ghoulish glare twice-reincarnated: from the ideal
truth to another lie. The dry opium…

omg I love this ! <3

On your Knees

Forgive me father for I’ve sinned
I can’t forgive
But I know you and God can
And here I am in this iron maiden
Ready to profess my sins
My filth to you

Forgive me father
For I’m not the saint thought out to be
Or the saint that is wanted
I find comfort within the beauty of filth
I find solace within the dampest areas of the world
Father, do you understand?
I’m here in this booth, and I can feel your lips tremble

Father, my finger is shaking…
Yes, and I know you can hear the knuckle rings clanking against the trigger
The anaconda snaked its way around my hand, around my fingertips
Father, did you hear the screams outside of this booth?

Forgive me father,
Your mass is resting
And not sleeping in peace
Not in paradise, but probably going through the seven stages
The seven stages of filth that isn’t appreciated

Lust, pride, envy, sloth, greed, gluttony, wrath
Why do they fear what makes us real?
Father, here I am embracing my realities
Fucking the monster that is me

Father, has this booth gotten hot?
I can hear the sweat trickling down your cheek
I can feel my mouth water
I’m hungry
I’m hungry for you father,

This revolver is like the snow white burning my nostrils
It elevates me and has taken me to different places
Father I’m kneeling now
I’m on my knees for you,
Yes the king of the world on her knees
I’m not sorry
No, not at all.

This world is the black plague
And I’m the clergy only trying to cure it
And make it go away

Father the flies and maggots are decomposing the rest within your sanctum
I’m sorry for the mess, that I’m sorry
But blood makes beautiful butterflies
Blood dyes the white petals of my lotus flowers

Father, close your eyes and ask for forgiveness
And everything will be okay
Me and you, we’ll meet in this so called utopian after life
And paradise will be lost, once again.

-Via Judith Serrano


I drift off but I’m fully aware you’re here,
My body wants you, pressed against you, moans for you.
I dream about you while you’re next to me
That you’ll grab my thighs while I’m calling for you
Push up against me
Whisper in my ears and ask me if I want you
I’ll mumble and you’ll know you’ve gotten the okay
You slide my pants off slowly
And grab my thighs closer to you
Touching me while you ready yourself
You push my back a little so I can arch for you. And then you slide off my panties
And I moan waiting for you to enter me.
You tease me, you don’t want it to be too simple

I tell you I want it, I want you
I turn over and kiss you
Ask you how much longer you’re going to make me wait, haven’t we waited for this long enough?
Hasn’t the banter gone on long enough? Don’t you want me, baby?
And you smirk at me, you put your fingers inside me until I come.
I scream for you to give yourself to me, you slap my ass and tell me to be patient.
It’s already out, it’s been out this whole time, give it to me, I breathe into your mouth.
You slap it around my thighs, higher and closer
Then you slap it and I jerk until you’re inside me then I throw my leg over your waist and I’m screaming as you ram into me on your own this time.

I’ve wanted this for a long time, you say
You bite at my neck and pull my hair
Don’t make me wait this long ever again I threaten you,
You ram yourself into me again until I scream and you tell me not to get smart with you now.
You push me over on my back and climb on top of me, throwing yourself inside me thrusting and driving me crazy
I come again, I beg for you to as well
Come for me baby, please, let me make you come.
I slide down and lick the juices off the tip I trace you completely getting all of myself off of you, I make you come no hesitation I drink all of you

And then I wake up, and neither of us had actually crossed that line.

Via Lauren Ballou